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Civil Disturbance / Riot Control & Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification


3075 Molly Pitcher Highway
Chambersburg, PA 17202


A specialized four-day instructor certification program designed and developed for supervisors, trainers and tactical team members. Course covers complete tactical planning & environmental logistics for preparation of a planned or spontaneous event(s).  The program additionally covers proven, disturbance & riot control team tactics as well as chemical munitions training in the proper & judicious legal handling of small & large civil disturbances. Training will extensively address numerous situations and confrontations that are being experienced in the field based on a national geographical incident(s) perspective.  Regarded as the leading use of force Disturbance Control Team course in the United States it has been instructed world-wide since 1991.

Topics Covered in the Program Include:

  • Extensive pre-planning for potential disturbances and riots. Environmental and location specifics based on planed and/or spontaneous events.
  • Interfacing local, area and State regional departments for mutual aid responses; based on size, location and type of event.
  • Recognition factors of tension, mob psychology, gang influence and threats.
  • Confrontational Avoidance Techniques for proper dialog with crowds.
  • Training in Riot shields, proper use of OC aerosol & chemical weapon systems; demonstrations of crowd control specific less lethal 12 GA munitions; flash-bang rounds and chemical munitions certification. Discussions of various less lethal & chemical weapons systems are covered based on lawful threat analysis and totality of circumstance conditions.
  • Disturbance control techniques, 2 simple & effective formations & responses; S&S (shield & spray) movements; arrest teams; clearing areas and post incident documentation.
  • Numerous drills and scenarios will be conducted in planning and implementation.

[A small list of chemical munitions is required for this course]

COST:   $595.00 per person Includes: Training manual; all course materials & USB Flash-drive with PowerPoint programs; DPS 4oz Extreme Range (20ft) OC Canister.


CERTIFICATION & INSTRUCTOR:  Thomas J. Archambault will be the instructor for this training program.  A nationally recognized trainer with 36 years of national and international experience, he is regarded as one of the leading experts in the use of force field w/tactical operations in disturbance control training today. He has trained and certified thousands of personnel in use of force programs for law enforcement & corrections at Municipal, County, State, Federal and U.S. Military departments worldwide.


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TJA Use of Force Training, Inc.

P.O. Box 297

Williston, FL 32696-0297 USA

Credit Cards Accepted – Please call with information to:

MAIN/CELL#:  239-281-5181


COURSE INFORMATION:  call 239-281-5181

Thomas J. Archambault
Class Dates:
August 24, 2020 0800-1600
August 25, 2020 0800-1600
August 26, 2020 0800-1600
August 27, 2020 0800-1600
Registration Instructions:
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CDCT I+Chem PA (1)




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