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Franklin County DA’s Office 2018 Law Enforcement In-Service Training


3075 Molly Pitcher Highway
Chambersburg, PA 17202


The topics for the 2018 Franklin County District Attorney’s Office law enforcement in-service training will be search and seizure, case law updates, a review of Franklin County District Attorney’s Office protocols and policies, and an overview of courtroom testimony.  This course will include a comprehensive review of the various legal demands available to Pennsylvania law enforcement personnel focusing on the constitutional requirements and the legal and procedural fundamentals of obtaining and serving various legal demands.  The purpose of the course is to assist the officer in developing the elements of reasonable suspicion and probable cause; articulating such facts in written form, and understanding the procedural requirements associated with obtaining and executing subpoenas, search warrants, and court orders.  Officers will be exposed to a variety of subpoenas, search warrants and court orders, and will be presented with several scenarios where each type of legal demand may be applicable, as well as an overview of the various types of documents and information that may be obtained through the service of each type of legal demand.   Instruction will be given on the various requisite evidentiary thresholds that must be met in order to obtain each type of legal demand.


Instruction will also be given on current Franklin County District Attorney’s Office operational and administrative protocols, recent case law affecting law enforcement operations, including a variety of cases concerning confessions, search and seizure, DUI enforcement, the wiretap act, and civil case law concerning the use of force and municipal police officer jurisdiction.  The course will conclude with an overview of courtroom testimony, including prosecutor expectations, common defense strategies and tactics, witness credibility assessment, and the value of well-written incident reports.

Note: This is a 3rd session of the 2018 law enforcement in-service training and is designed for any personnel who were unable to attend the 1st two sessions of this training program, held in the Fall of 2018. The 2019 program will be held in the Fall of 2019. This program is open to all local, state, federal, and military law enforcement personnel, regardless of duty station, although the policy and protocol component of the course is designed for Franklin County law enforcement personnel. The other course content is more generally applicable. This course has been approved for 8 hours of continuing education credit by MPOETC (Course# CLE00872).

District Attorney Matthew D. Fogal & Chief Deputy DA Jaime Keating
Sworn law enforcement personnel
Class Length:
8 hours
State Certified Course:
MPOETC Course #CLE00872 (Approved for 8 hours of Con-Ed credit)
Class Dates:
May 24, 2019 0800-1700
Registration Deadline:
May 17, 2019
Registration Instructions:
Please register at the bottom of the training class link
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