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“Saving Our Own-FAST” FAST Board


3075 Molly Pitcher Highway
Chambersburg, PA 17202


The core concept of Saving Our Own…FAST is the “Five or Die” concept. Strong emphasis shall be on having an unencumbered unconscious victim, above or below grade, loaded and to safety in less than five minutes. We are convinced the most reliable and consistent method to do this is by using the FAST Rescue Board.

The central teaching point is that effective RIT DEVICE operations require a modernized approach in training and equipment to meet this “Five or Die” philosophy. The bulk of this H.O.T. presentation shall be based around the FAST Board DEVICE ‘Hasty’ removal of a downed firefighter in a structure fire environment while operating in an IDLH atmosphere. Students will take away that RIT condensed to its lowest form is about the expedient removal of a downed firefighter. And when this is performed in less than five minutes the victims are provided the best opportunity to live and not become a LODD.

Learning Stations Designed to Provide RIT DEVICE Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Classroom discussion – approx. – 120 mins
• Basic FAST Board Operations – 55 mins
• FF Rescue from the Basement & Above Grade via interior stairs – 55 mins
• FF Through a hole in the floor “Improvised Hole Out” – 55 mins
• FF ‘Denver’ Simulator Space rescue – 55 mins
• FF Down on a Pitched & Flat Roof rescue – 55 mins
• FF Out of an Above Grade Window rescue – 55 mins
• FF CPR during FAST Board Device rescue – 55 mins

Fast Rescue Solutions Instructors
Minimum Age Requirement:
Student Needs:
Class Length:
8 hours
Class Dates:
May 23, 2021 0800-1600
Registration Deadline:
May 16, 2021
Registration Instructions:
Please register at the bottom of the training class link
Registration Fee:
$75.00 – Franklin County Agencies / $100 – Other Agencies

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