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Sobriety Checkpoints


Franklin County Public Safety Training Center
3075 Molly Pitcher Highway
Chambersburg, PA 17202


This course is designed to train law enforcement officers to participate in
Sobriety Checkpoints. It is a NHTSA / IACP requirement that all officers
participating in a Sobriety Checkpoint receive this training followed by
refresher training every two (2) years.

Topics covered include the legality of Sobriety Checkpoints, relevant case law, case law update(s), site selection criteria, operation plans, briefing, set up, individual assignments and responsibilities, execution, handling of evidence, tear down, debriefing and post checkpoint administrative procedures. There is a statutory review of both Title 75 and Title 18 regarding offenses most often encountered at a checkpoint along with instruction in how to deal with unusual or challenging situations such as sovereign citizens or uncooperative motorists. Lastly, officers participate in setting up, executing and tearing down a mock checkpoint utilizing a task force trailer and equipment. They see first-hand the relative positions and
responsibilities of all members of the checkpoint as well as getting hands on experience with the associated equipment. Officers successfully completing the curriculum receive a certificate and are certified to work
sobriety checkpoints.

PA DUI Association
Class Dates:
October 4, 2021 0830-1630
Registration Deadline:
September 17, 2021
Registration Instructions:
Please register at the bottom of the training class link
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