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 • Nov 14

Franklin County Public Safety Training Center

Members from the Waynesboro Fire Department, Greencastle Rescue Hose Company, Marion Vol. Fire Department, West End Fire & Rescue, Pleasant Hall Fire Company, MMP&W Vol. Fire & Ambulance Company, and the Mont Alto Vol. Fire Department participated in two sessions of the PA State Fire Academy's Mobile Flashover Simulator over the weekend. The simulator is used in the PSFA's Mobile Flashover Recognition and Survival course, which is an 8-hour course designed to give the student the practical knowledge required to recognize and understand the phenomena called “flashover”, how to identify “pre-flashover” conditions and deal with these conditions in a safe and controlled manner. The ultimate outcome is to avoid firefighters from becoming victims of this violent phenomenon. Two live fire evolutions inside the simulator are required for successful completion of this course. ... See MoreSee Less

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 • Nov 03

Franklin County Public Safety Training Center

One of The Good Guys....

Tragically, the world lost Keith Carbaugh on Friday, November 2. Not likely to be replaced anytime soon, Keith was a unique individual with a wide variety of talents. Quiet with a smile. But most of all, his heart was huge.

Keith could be found at the firehouse just before the lunch hour, cracking jokes and figuring out where lunch was going to be. Or maybe in his dump truck, completing a favor for a friend. Or in his van, transporting rescue dogs from wherever in the world they needed to be picked up all the way to wherever they would land in their forever home.

Keith... all of us were better having known you. A lesson in selflessness and humility you were. Thank you for all of the memories and the stories. Thank you for being One of The Good Guys.
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